The story behind the founders of Woodtrolley..

Woodtrolley is founded in 2018 by us: Oscar van Buijtene and Nadia Struiwigh.
Oscar and Nadia met through a business relationship that they both worked with. Together they started working on Sebios (the variated outdoor brand which is a big inspiration to their Woodtrolley). They were looking for the essence of Sebios and brought them to simplicity in combination with art.

Oscar has a technical and creative background and a lot of knowledge of the Woodtrolley building development process. The Woodtrolley is manufactured on-site. The design is completely designed and developed by Oscar.

Nadia has an interior / exterior background and one of her dreams is to put a product on the market with passion that is an add-on to every person. With her creative insight and her current activities as a (web) designer, they form a passionate team.

Together they share the same vision and they want to make people happy with a sustainable product.

Woodtrolley services. We think of you!


Woodtrolley is made with passion! And we love to share a bit of that through our product. We hope you enjoy!

All over the world!

We ship all over the world! If you have a special request, you can send us an email


Woodtrolley is made by recycled products. We aim to update our collection every season to have the most current colors to add to your interior/ exterior.


We love colors! Colors are important in our life to match our identity and mood. Do you have a request for a different color? Send us a mail and we will take a look at it with together!


Woodtrolley is designed and manufactured by Oscar and we are located in Pijnacker – The Netherlands.

Payment Process

Our payment process is secure and really easy. Once we received your order, we will inform you about the delivery and production process of your Woodtrolley.

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